Welcome to Religious Exploration!

RE classes are from 10:30-11:45. The children usually begin in service and then participate in an activity called “Time for All Ages” before being dismissed to the classrooms. 

    • Nursery (room 216) open from 10-12pm This group offers opportunities for engaging play for infants through age 4. Children can choose from a variety of materials to build, create, play, and learn together as a community.
    • K-4th Grade (room 212) This group typically begins with a sharing circle and then the children build community by exploring thematic topics and social justice.
    • 5th-12th Grade (room 102) This group works together to build community through service projects, youth led services, fundraising, and deep discussion of world events.
    • REsource room (room 214) This is a room that can be utilized by anyone at UUCTC, but it is especially helpful for our RE volunteers and families because it has the information station with everything you need to know about our Religious Exploration program.

Sharing circle will take place on most Sundays from 10:45-11:00 in RE classrooms.

  • Chalice Lighting Light the chalice. Put any items to share on the altar.
  • Greeting/Sharing Use talking stones and light candles to share celebrations, concerns, and stories.
  • Activity Participate in an activity to build community and learn more about each other.
  • RE Updates Find out more about upcoming events, service projects, etc.

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